July 4, 2012

Landscape Architects Still Not Recognised in Spain

"If you have ever visited Spain you would know that it is home to some fantastic examples of landscape architecture. Just take the Cap de Creus Natural Park on the Catalan coast (see Topos 79) and the Sal√≥n de Pinos in Madrid for example. However upon further research into many of these projects you will find a distinct lack of the word 'landscape' in the project credits - this is because they are most likely to have been built by architects or engineers (or internationally based landscape firms). The profession of landscape architecture is still not legitimacy recognised by the Spanish legal system, which means if you have a qualification in landscape architecture completed in a foreign country (such as the UK or the Netherlands) you cannot convert this into any equivalent qualification in Spain. This isn't to say you would have to swap your CAD programs for a spade and wheelbarrow, but you would belong to a secondary professional tier and not be awarded the same treatment as other professions in the built environment."

Source: Topos